Audience Poem

Created by the audience of For Our Sins, Exeter Phoenix, 14 February, 2010 (with a little help from Beryl the Feral and some some sticky tape)

THE SIN OF... Littering

Litter is tomorrow's archaeology
Litter, bitter, sitter, knitter
Little looting louts - litter litter littering about
Making the world look bitty and ugly
A womble chokes on his own tears
Nappies on a beautiful beach
Mermaids battling in a plastic sea
A carrier bag hits the A38 from a speeding car window
The shrouds of the half eaten dead
The last rites of a Mcfuck the whole planet
Throw it on the floor, you need it no more
Trash bins overflowing into a city of waste
I put my litter in a bin, recycled and dumped in China
It’s like amputating the land that feeds
Environmental terrorist chucks litter with a flick of wrist
Don’t drop that gum! I’ll make you pick it up with your teeth
Litter doesn’t glitter and it makes the world shitter.
There is no love lost in litter ‘tis bitter and no fun
When you’re stuck in chewing gum.’
Searching through the shit, I found an unknown sight
My god the ground!
Sticky tissue of sin over-ruled
You littered my life with words of doubt,
I was buried so deep I couldn't see out
And even after you tossed me away, screwed up
My heart like a crisp packet,
You still missed the bin.
Can people still litter when someone is watching?

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